Marllor Biomedical

Our story is a typical Italian history, made up of genius, art, unique and incomparable attention to detail, typical Italian history of a working group, collaboration and partnerships based on excellence, originality and the pioneers who made it into the DNA of in Italy. Marllor International Ltd. is a young, born in 2007 and fiercely projected in the future. The company, in these few years has seen a rapid growth, carving out a respectable position in the international medical scener.



Marllor International is responsible for organizing training courses that enable the use of Aqualyx via injection technique called Intralipotherapy ™. This injection technique, developed by Prof. P. Motolese, is still based on the views of leading international experts, a new and modern technical approach in the context of manual therapies…


Marllor International Ltd. designs, develops and markets medical device technology and new concept aimed at providing a technical contribution to the scientific leading non-surgical procedures in medicine and cosmetic dermatology.


Marllor International has drawn up a few guidelines that are the ethical basis of their professional philosophy and work. These corporate values ​​we believe in and that inspire our work: – Transparency, Honesty and Consistency – Customer Focus – Customer satisfaction – Customer loyalty – Enhancement of employees – Quality and Commitment – Liability – Innovation and research


“Creating the future”is our pay off, it is enclosed in our entrepreneurial spirit. Marllor International aims to become the next year a reference point for the rational development of medical protocols and ad hoc applications for medicine and cosmetic surgery in the world.