for 15 years

Medical devices, procedures, workshops and training

Since 2007, Marllor Biomedical has been designing new medical devices and medical procedures, organizing theoretical-practical training courses, workshops and events for medical personnel in the field of injection and instrumental techniques in medicine and aesthetic dermatology.

Marllor Biomedical is recognized for its totally customer-oriented approach: it organizes its priorities by being guided by the awareness of what the expectations and needs of the latter are.

Biomedical research…

Marllor Biomedical commits its resources to research and development in the field of biomedical technologies, clinical studies, quality and product registration. The research is oriented towards three directions:

  • the improvement of existing products
  • the formulation of pioneering new products
  • the introduction of new medical procedures.

Scientific research and medical training is entrusted to an international scientific board. Marllor Biomedical is able to launch new products by integrating regulatory issues into all its R&D activities from start to finish.



Vania Bedetti

General Manager

Giovanna Cavalli


Ilaria Barbari

Communications and Events

Matteo Fabbri

Marketing office

Martina Motolese


It develops and markets new conception technologies and medical devices, aimed at providing a leading scientific technical contribution to non-surgical procedures in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.
In collaboration with Italian and European companies of the highest level, it produces devices and auxiliary tools with the most advanced industrial technologies, supported by the certifications necessary to certify the quality of production and raw materials.

Marllor Biomedical has drawn up some guidelines that represent the ethical basis of its professional and working philosophy. These are the corporate values ​​in which we believe and which inspire our work: – Transparency, Honesty and Coherence
– Customer orientation – Customer satisfaction – Customer loyalty – Employee enhancement – Quality and Commitment – Responsibility – Innovation and research We base our existence on them, set priorities and make decisions, letting them reflect in the surrounding environment a part of us. Marllor Biomedical allows its employees to recognize themselves in organizational and corporate values ​​by fostering a sense of belonging and affiliation. Marllor Biomedical bases its ethics on the cardinal principle constituted by the respect of laws and regulations in force, to which consequently every employee must commit itself. This commitment must also apply to suppliers, customers and anyone who has relationships with companies.

“Creating the future” is our pay-off, our business spirit is contained in it. Marllor Biomedical aims to become in the next few years a reference point for the development of medical protocols and rational applications for cosmetic medicine and surgery around the world. The research of Marllor Biomedical is in fact aimed at opening new and more advanced technical-applicative scenarios in the field of medical sciences aimed at improving the body aspect and well-being through scientific exploration and cooperation with leading international scientists. To date, the company collects and evaluates ideas, innovative scientific proposals, national and international cooperations and joint ventures. Our vision provides clear criteria for “decision making”, thus becoming the projection of a future scenario that reflects the ideals, values ​​and aspirations of those who set goals and encourage all those who work within the agency.

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