Neovelle Line

Hydrates illuminates volumizing

Neovelle line is composed of high quality and highly purified cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The residue of BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether) is less than 0,1 ppm (0.08). hyaluronic acid Neovelle™ the purest in the world.

The characteristics of the filler Neovelle are:

  • Not swelling
  • High corrective power
  • Homogeneous tissue distribution
  • Soft and full results

Neovelle™ should be injected in the medium and medium superficial dermis layer without over-correcting (Neovelle Classic)


Ipoderma or over periosteum (Neovelle Plus)

Biorevitalizing Biorestructuring for tissue regeneration and improvement of metabolic processes.

The dermo-epidermal stimulation of the bio-revitalizing, imitates the volumetric effect of the filler.

Neovelle Plus is a filler to be used for the restoration of deep volumes and correction of deep skin sagging of the face. It is a crosslinked and intercalated filler with a BDDE residue lower than 0.01 PPM.

Neovelle Classic is a resorbable treatment based on cross-linked and intercalated hyaluronic acid. It is used for the correction of medium skin sagging of the face. It spreads naturally in the areas adjacent to the implant, ensuring maximum corrective power and thanks to its peculiar viscosity it harmonizes in the tissues, self-limiting even slight overcorrections.

Neovelle Lips is a filler based on cross-linked and intercalated hyaluronic acid that gives a balanced and harmonious correction to the lips while respecting their morphology.

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